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Friday, October 26, 2018

A small article on CBI

A Short Brief of CBI
The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) traces its origin to the Special Police Establishment (SPE) which was set up in 1941 by the Government of India. The initially main function of SPE is to investigate bribery and corruption in transactions with the War & Supply Deptt. Of India During World War – II. Thereafter The Delhi Special Police Establishment Act was therefore brought into force in 1946. And SPE functions were enlarged to cover all departments of the Govt. of India. The jurisdiction of the SPE extended to all the Union Territories and could be extended also to the States with the consent of the State Government concerned and The Home Ministry resolution dated 1.4.1963. A new name which is very popular The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Acquired. Initially the offenses which are notified by the Central Government. and Public Sector Banks and their employees also came within the ambit of the CBI. whereas CBI is exempted from the provisions of the Right to Information Act. This exemption was granted by the government on 9 June 2011. Now CBI Headquarter at  Plot No 5-B, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003.
Founder Director
Shri D.P. Kohli was the first founder director of the CBI from 1st April, 1963 to 31st May, 1968. Before this, he was Inspector-General of Police of the SPE from 1955 to 1963. Shri Kohli was a visionary who saw in the Special Police Establishment the potential of growing into the national investigative agency. On the inauguration of the 4th Biennial Joint Conference of the CBI and State Anti-Corruption Officers, Shri Kohli told the delegates: "The public expects the highest standard from you both in efficiency and integrity. That faith has to be sustained. The motto of the CBI - Industry, Impartiality and Integrity: these must always guide your work. Loyalty to duty must come first, everywhere, at all times and in all circumstances."
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National Investigative Agency Setup
The CBI has also been entrusted with the investigation of Economic Offences and important conventional crimes such as murders, kidnapping, terrorist crimes, etc., on a selective basis From 1965 onwards. The SPE initially had two Wings. They were the General Offences Wing (GOW) which dealt with cases of bribery and corruption involving the employees of Central Government and Public Sector Undertakings.  and Economic Offences Wing (EOW) which is dealt with cases of violation of various economic/fiscal laws. Under this set-up, the GOW had at least one Branch in each State and the EOW in the four metropolitan cities, i.e, Delhi, Madras, Bombay and Calcutta. These EOW Branches dealt with offenses reported from the Regions, i.e, each Branch had jurisdiction over several States. Even after The Supreme court and the various High Courts of the country also started entrusting such cases for investigation to the CBI on petitions filed by aggrieved parties. On the burden of cases and specialist speedy work it was therefore decided in 1987 to constitute two investigation divisions in the CBI and later on enlarge to Tree Division namely, 1. Anti-Corruption Division and 2. Special Crimes Division and 3. Economic Offences Division.
This Three Division(s) legal powers, duties, privileges and liabilities are derived from the DSPE Act 1946.The central government may extend to any area (except Union Territories) the powers and jurisdiction of the CBI for investigation, subject to the consent of the government of the concerned state. Under the act, the CBI can investigate only with notification by the central government.
Appointment of Director
The amended Delhi Special Police Establishment Act empowers a committee to appoint the director of CBI.
·    Prime Minister – chairperson
·    Leader of Opposition – member
·    Chief Justice of India or a Supreme Court Judge recommended by the Chief Justice – member
v  Whereas other Designation / Vacancy fill up by  DoPT Rules and Regulation.   
Present Director(s) Massege
  CBI is the premier investigative agency in the country today, with a dual responsibility to investigate grievous cases and provide leadership and direction in fighting corruption to the Police force across the country. It is indeed an honour to be heading such an agency which houses the country's best investigative minds to fulfil this mission.
         I am aware of the tremendous responsibility and expectations that the people of the country have from us. I am confident that by staying true to our motto, Industry, Impartiality & Integrity, we will discharge our duties in a manner that will bring more laurels to this premier organization. The enquires and investigations of CBI have far reaching ramifications not only in the lives of the general public but also in the lives and careers of dignitaries and public servants. We, therefore, need to ensure that the quality of investigation is of the highest standard and probity.
         As crime, corruption and economic offences evolve, it is critical that we upgrade our skills and capabilities to meet both present challenges and prepare for the future. Our investigative abilities and capabilities should be second to none and our preparation of investigations should be such to ensure quick disposal of cases, to ensure that while the wrong doers don't go scot free the innocent are not harassed.
         It is my firm belief that the people are the bedrock of any organisation. While the people with CBI have a lot of challenging work, they also have a sense of satisfaction with each case that is brought to its logical conclusion. This sense of satisfaction is second to none, and is the prime driver within this organisation. We have to ensure that we maintain such standards and professionalism so that CBI continues to attract the best of talent from across the country. Welfare of the force along with redressal of grievances of the force will also be a priority during my tenure.
         Let us pledge to work together to ensure that we meet the responsibilities and expectation that have been entrusted on us. I am confident that together, we will overcome all challenges and take big strides in becoming one of the premier investigative agencies of the world.
                                                                                                                            (Shree Alok Kumar Verma)
                                                                                                                  Director – CBI,  From 1 Feb 2017 – Present 
Controversy and Criticism

The CBI has a highest conviction rate compare to other crime investigation agencies. But some time Political vendetta, Corruption allegation in CBI And Interferences as we widely know some cases like Bofors Scandal, Hawala Scandel, Priyadarshini Mitto Murder case, Sister Abhaya, Sohrabuddin Case, Sant Singh Chatwal case, Malankara Varghese Murder Case, Bhopal Gas Tragedy, 2G Spectrum Case, Indian Coal Allocation Scam, 2008 Noida Double Murder Case, Curruption illegation upon Top most officer in CBI-2018.  Hence this investigation agency loses its own Confidence, Trust and image in large public. Even When in the Year 2013 The Supreme Court of India criticized by saying "caged parrot speaking in its master's voice", due to its excessive political interference irrespective of which party happened to be in power at the time.

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